The original seeds were planted for the Arcadia Chamber of Commerce more than a century ago, only 11 years after Arcadia was incorporated as a city in 1903. But it would be several decades before the organization would take official form and decades more would pass before it grew to its current size.

Here Is How It All Started:


Arcadia Chamber Founding

The roots of the Arcadia Chamber of Commerce stretch back to April 1914 with a group called the Arcadia Board of Trade.

The group of 28 men who formed the Board of Trade are said to have been sparked by the spirited women of the Cooperative Arcadians (later called The Woman’s Club) to form this civic promotional organization. Each charter member paid a $1 initiation fee and monthly dues of 25-cents to be paid quarterly.

Arcadia historical photo



Arcadia Chamber Founding

Three years later the first group calling itself the Chamber of Commerce was formed on Sept. 19, 1921. During the 1920s and 1930s, the Chamber absorbed the members of several other local business organizations, including the Arcadia Service Association and the Arcadia Business Men’s Association.

Arcadia Chamber November 13 1965



Chamber Officially Incorporated

More than a decade after forming the Chamber, articles of incorporation and bylaws were submitted during a December 1933 meeting at city offices, and the Chamber finally became official with its incorporation on July 16, 1934.

Chamber Conference Room

1950's & 60's
Present Day